• calm_insights 35w

    The only solution to eradicate rape culture from India

    A change even in history wasn't achieved just by going for a rally or signing a petition.
    It was achieved by a revolutionary act.
    We need a revolution.
    Let us all March on the road, same day, boy or girl everyone of us.
    We people have to come together and do something so that the government finally notices and is left with no option but to enact a strong law.
    And most importantly the PM and ministers will be bound to do something, we have the power and not they.
    We are more powerful than the government, they are just a bunch we are 121 crore.
    Please share it as much as possible.
    There is no shame in raising voice against cruelty.
    This is the only way.
    Comment below if you support me and let's together bring about the change before someone of your family becomes a victim.