• ashiskumar0000 26w

    My life is as a bee

    There is something in my life
    I am unable to survive
    The honey that i have stored
    Someone has stolen from my life hive

    But i can again put the honey
    To that hive
    Because the art of making honey
    Is still under me

    But i have excuse from my life
    That stranger has taken my honey
    That make my life
    Like a poney

    I shall make much honey
    Than the before
    I want be five
    Not the four

    I dont know
    What 's the safe place
    For me,to make honey
    Where anyone will unable
    To steal the honey.

    I am the king
    And i am the worker.
    I want in my life
    To be called 'sir'

    Now i am wandering here
    And there
    In search of nector
    I will suceed
    Because god is my protector

    A human doesnt want to make
    Just want to break
    I want a person
    Who will able to shake

    A bee collect honey
    And human steal
    No one make other
    To be heal