• euripedesblack 5w


    i always wondered what do the hateful see
    when these splashes of color
    the abstracts of brown mixed with blood red
    enter the virtuous visions inside their heads
    are we haunted ghosts or shadows in the abyss
    forbidden souls society was told to forever dread
    or are we see as some version of the undead
    anguished souls that walk amongst the living
    in the eyes of the anointed pure and good
    are we just beings to be vanquished
    without prejudice or a sense of forgiving
    hunted for the entire history of our time
    pushed to be satisfied for a taste of being free
    while everyday they devour the entire meal
    when living as all they do is our only wish
    but as our reality continued to be concealed
    our hearts quickly started to reveal
    that this world cannot be a Gods creation
    to be given scars that can’t be healed
    by those with no ability to feel remorse
    is creating a course to a volatile situation
    am i less than a slave on a plantation
    less that the man that fits the description
    in a vast world of good and evil
    i am seen as the sign of perdition
    i am an abomination that must be killed
    all they see is a walking corpse
    something that which must be destroyed
    like a joy than can never be
    their eyes see what they cannot accept
    they are life and i am death
    i am a zombie.