• the_unsent_thoughts 10w


    You know what all you did in your life
    Maybe you can't tell to everyone about your struggles
    But you know how you faced it

    Someone may under estimate you
    as they don't know you
    But a respect will always be there in your eyes for yourself
    which is the most important aspect

    Every person has two choices after wrong situations
    Either to get negative that why this happened to you
    Get positive by thinking you have to fight for yourself
    and for them who loves you unconditionally

    If you ever think you had wrong aspects of life in past
    Just close your eyes and think
    What type of person you were at that time? and
    What you are today after that incident?

    Changes are necessary for every person time to time
    Everything happens for a reason
    If you didn't get it there's a hidden reason behind that
    which you definitely get to know later