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    Love the bully.
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    Dear Bully

    I feel so bad.
    Every name.
    Every slap.
    Every shove.
    Every criticism.
    I feel so bad.
    Maybe someone called you that name.
    Maybe they slapped you like that.
    Maybe somebody shoved you that hard.
    Maybe someone discouraged you for the same thing.
    I feel so bad for being mad.
    For telling on you.
    For crying over it all.
    For returning the hurt, because maybe this isn't the first time, maybe this will have made you go through it more than I have.
    But I need to tell, maybe someone will help you and I.
    Maybe you'll stop bullying and I'll stop getting bullied.
    I realize you aren't the "good guy."
    But maybe you will be.
    If you start getting help and loving yourself, maybe there's a chance.
    I want the best for you, dear bully.