• kriksun 23w

    walk with me

    When I say we are meant
    To be together.
    It does not mean
    The universe has a plan
    Written unto our name
    Maybe it has other stories to take care of
    Or maybe it is simply confused

    So, until the time our destinies are penned.
    Let's just walk along
    Hand in hand.
    Side by side.
    Just like parallel lines.
    Our paths may not merge
    In the final chapter
    But they will always run
    Alongside each other
    Into the same sunset

    Do we still need to know the end?

    i think its put on our destiny cause if there is written any story about us then it happens no matter what the position are.
    and if there is not any stories are written or writing then there is no happened together us how many the way we applied to be together.