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    Part-1 .
    Why should you marry ?
    This is a very apt question to start with and has many layers to understand in way how it was understood by the sahaba ajmain.
    Nabi e Kareem (Saw) said that NIKAH was a half DEEN and when any Muslim got married it would complete his/her deen .
    Analyze that nikaah completes your deen it is not in the Venn diagram of imaan but completes that Venn diagram.
    If you perform nikaah in way that that is not within sunnah then you are snatching away the BARAKHAT from yourself. The awlad that you are going to have will not be SALEH, because of the "Manohisoyat" the 'bidat' nikah gets cumbersome and nasty, if you observe in the society which follows "nahoosiyat" but not the sunnah you will realize it yourself .
    **"Dowry, shirk , biddat Mano bulldozer Chala rahe ho sunnah pe, phir barkat kaise aayegi , awlad kaise Saleh hoga . Biwi aapki ya shouwar aapke badtameez aur galeech jaise hoge , lariya behase .
    Pyaar mohabbat kaise hoga"**

    Aur yaad rakhe Pyaar mohabbat Allah deta h.
    Allah said in the Quran we put have put love between couples . How is it going to be blessed my dear brothers and sisters if it is not according to sunnah. Remember Allah said in the Quran that Allah swt will grant recompense even for an ounce of the deeds or misdeeds.
    (Zarre zarre ka jazah milega ).
    Therefore get married, those who are in relationship or in the this bf-gf game and intermixing, touching hands or getting cozy. What will you answer when nabi saw will be standing fetching us the Hauze kauther. The prophet of Allah said it is better to nail yourself in the head than to touch a Na mehram. Allah's Apostle pbuh said that it was though a dirty pig had touched you when two na mehram (boy or a girl ) just collide superficially (when hanging out etc ). Everything in the Quran and Hadith have HIQMAT they are said for a reason. Allah swt said in the Quran we have sent this Quran as a guidance for whole of the humanity.
    But alas! We are too ashamed to read and follow.
    The nikah in Islam has been made very easy.

    "And one of His signs is that He has created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and He has placed between you, love and mercy. In this there is surely evidence (of the truth) for the people who carefully think." (Surah 30, Verse 21)

    Prerequisites of nikah in Islam
    Marriage are valid for when
    he or she is marrying is a believing woman or men ie both the parties should be momin and mominah . Quran (2:221 )

    For a woman marrying man she must have a wali agreeing upon the marriage (a wali means guardian can be his father,or uncle , mama or Hakim that judges the boy for his character basically because a man knows a man ),
    Two witness and that's it. Nothing more. No fixed time it can happen on anyday any time Moharram shabaan , night and day irrespective of these worldly things. Islam encourages marriage.

    For a boy he needs to see his character and imaan (it goes for woman too but he does not require a wali) , meher is must and must be given on the day of marriage (that is agreed upon ulema ). If the meher is due then he is still not allowed to touch his wife and if he denies the Maher and have children then he will be held accountable for committing zinah. So that's important. And the amount of meher will be according to his earning if he can spend one lakh on his walima then surely he can give 50000 as maher , this is according to sunnah.

    Making Nikah easy and according to sunnah will erase the Fahshah esp zinah. See the divorced rate in Western countries the so called love was at peak when they were gf-bf but eventually they broke up after 5-10 years of marriage. There are marriages that got broken up even after having 3-4 kids. Was this love when they were bragging about before marriage? . May Allah save us from fitna. Ameen

    Follow Quran and sunnah because you don't know what ALLAH knows. Nobody on Earth can guide you perfectly expect the Quran and sunnah. If you don't then who would you blame if you land in serious troubles and plight.
    Turn to Allah before you return to him.

    In sha Allah in the my next topic I will try to cover this topic.

    "Innovations in shadi ie khurafat Rasam rewaz" .
    Stay tuned
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