• salmaamoustafa_ 24w

    You are beautiful

    Waking up, washing my face, looking in the mirror..
    Staring at myself, crying, wish I'd been better..
    Facing myself, screaming "I'm ugly".....
    All this,, whyy?? Because of such a society..


    you just gotta stop this,, it ain't true
    Youre beautiful,, you should know
    They're just jealous because of you
    Lovin' you is what you should do

    Loving yourself is really what you should do

    كل واحد فينا ربه خلقه في أحسن صورة
    ما تخدش كلام محبط من ناس كرهاك عشان غيرانة
    نسيت نفسك مش فاهم حاجة بقيت اصعب فزورة
    كلام كتير كلام سخيف خلاني دائما حيرانة

    And now, get up, get out to your balacony and say .
    I am beautiful I'm gorgeous and I slay ..
    Nothing will stop me from being who I am..
    I'm beautiful I am gorgeous and I slay!!