• anuragsaha2 6w

    Our Mother!

    Long live mother India!

    The mother who lost her noble sons,
    At the bloody diversionary battle of Plassey and Buxar.

    The one who blithely starved
    To give a frugal meal to her sons who worked hard.

    She who beared the torture of the labor,
    And braced their body with jager!
    Never worried to revolt against the 'White Sahibs'

    She is our mother!

    Who Gave birth to our national gems,
    Ready to sacrifice their lives for their mother immured by them.

    She came forward and put self-made 'khadi' on her chest,
    But never fear of getting a bullet in her chest!

    She is our mother who never frights!

    Finally, they were thrown out
    And our mother raised her flag with pride.

    She made the dreams of every Indian right

    Long live mother India!
    Long live her pride!
    -Anurag Saha