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    Have you ever seen a butterfly's beauty as it fly's through the air as if it weighed nothing? It sores effortlessly and you really don't feel the air move as it passes.

    Well the butterfly affect says that every action contributes to a much larger action further down the line.

    This is shown to people in the form of how a butterfly flies.

    It is said that the flap of a butterflies wings contributes to the movement of air around the world which leads to a storm many miles away. To think such beauty and delicacy could hold such a power?

    Everything you do affects some aspect of the universe, so why not aim for greatness?

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    The butterfly affect

    The flutter of a butterfly's wing.
    It looks like such a delicate thing.
    But did you know some say it leads to a storm?
    Such a dangerous thing caused by a delicate form.
    It flies effortlessly and full of grace,
    But the things to come can be dangerous to face.