• thequietmaiden 23w

    I fantasize impeccable things
    rectified through my petulance.
    deep down we know,
    Sky is meant for clouds
    Moon cradles her craters
    Sun prides his spots
    Faults epitomize the beautiful compulsions.
    We atone for the acknowledgements of;
    Imaginations and Reality
    searing within is the substitute of TRUTH.

    Truth, we tend to hide behind the sultry veneers
    of untarnished lies.
    Truth, we tend to stumble upon repeatedly,
    besmirching reputations and mending the same.

    Today, when I settle for an image,
    draped in crisp linens,
    waltzing to my favourite ballad.
    You, make me fall for your foolishness
    Manoeuvring my thoughts,
    imposing absolute truth on every lie,
    emulsifying your beliefs to my hopes.

    My guile negotiations falling prey,
    to your blunt honesty
    And, I'm scared how the alleged rebel
    accepts the subjugation of your incisive verses.
    Yet, I pretend the stupid ingenuity.

    Rising from the stupor of fake vanity
    I get scared of my loneliness stooping over,
    like a lost lover.
    I surrender myself
    and yet again,
    You make me pursue exuberant needs,
    I settle in your arms,
    where you kiss away all my fears
    Because,We want to live.

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    Benevolent LOVE