• dumplingtrivia 6w

    I've seen people disrespecting the bond , the people after thier relation gets sour. I've seen people saying ugly things about each other . And that's something I don't understand . Why would you ? You relation with each other demanded respect. That's why you people connected with each other .
    No relation goes with all giggly vibes
    There are at times when you'll feel like . It's suffocating . More than , they way it used to made you feel , it's bothering you .
    Bt does that mean , you'll disrespect someone publicly or even when you're talking to each other .
    Then , what kind of bond you were creating , when everything was good between you .
    The problem with our generation is we fail to understand , it's okay to play around with some leg pulling , bt that shouldn't meant to disrespect someone in any circumstances .
    We fail to analyse that the person, we are disrespecting right now has given us some beautiful memories .
    The memories which came from the moment in which you both were happy .
    And in this era, where everyone is busy with being another just for some reason
    Can't you appreciate this li'll dose of happiness that was solely meant to make you happy without any condition .
    There are fights, there are arguments, there are even times when you avoid each other just for the sake of feeling a bit better .
    Bt then you can't mix things with saying bad things about someone just to make you feel better .
    That was your relation , your bond, which you've had been creating .
    Nurturing it with love , sticking by each others side through thick n thin
    It's okay to have fights, it's okay to put across your opinions
    It's okay to disagree . Bt its not okay to disrespect someone just for the sake of feeling a bit superior .
    And trust me , it doesn't make you look superior .
    I don't know how can it make you feel like that .
    You're a human , not a robot , who functions just on the commands
    You been through each other , you have known each other
    You've grown with each other
    Most of all, you people have built up your trust in each other .was that all just for time when you were happy?
    Honestly speaking , if someone who's so impatient , so cranky like me can understand this
    I don't get it , how the people who have had been proving themselves
    Don't get it .
    It's really sad