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    Imagine a place where we all are born and nurtured as humans first. It would have been race of human as "being human." No resceism or casteism. People would have a society of a human where no-one would hold a degree of heirarchy and no such things such as kingdom, sovereign or state exits. All creatures are equal and equally treated, human race is growing with the pace of happiness rather than development. Development is not bad but it should consider both pros and cons and if cons are on equal footing we shoud stop development. It would have been so much better if we would have lived a life as being just another living nature like animals but we are gifted with skills of different sets. So hence, we should make sure that our next generation is able to see how beautiful is earth and they are termed as humans and not titled under just any heads of the religions. A world without religion. Would it will ever conquer or it did existed. HUMANITARIAN. PERIOD.