• fouadliebert 24w

    Filthy Fingers

    I blew it..

    And if I knew what to do, then I'd do it, but the point that I have i'll get to it..


    just the word that she said that means never, to be with another together..

    And with the weight of a feather it tore into me..

    Then I knew it..

    All the work that it took to get through it, on the wings of a feather that flew it

    Fell onto my shoe it cut up into me..

    So let's do it..

    just get on a plane and just do it, like the birds and the bees and get to it

    Just get out of town and forever be free..


    I wonder we could stay together it could change if you want for the better..

    Just turn down my shirt and lay down next to me.

    - F D. B