• gracejoy 10w


    Cute little boxes always attract me,
    I can store my earings, noserings, stray coins and other knick knacks in them,
    I can arrange them in a neat order,
    A pyramid or a cube or a box within a box within a box, just like those Russian dolls,
    Ahh! How pleasing isn't it?
    What if we are a box?
    Scratch that,
    We are a box,
    Haven't you noticed?
    We came into this world taking a human form,
    And then this human form takes the shape of a box,
    We can store our fears, lies, insecurities, failures, sexuality, prejudices and other knick knacks,
    We can stack them neatly into the likeliness of a human form,
    Made up of false hopes, expectations, fake victories, directionless journeys, and pleasant looking what nots,
    Just like those Russian dolls that look beautiful from the outside
    But are filled with layers of useless boxes.