• soluslupus 6w


    It feels weird altogether, waking up without reaching out.
    Being the shoulder for you to cry on and clearing your doubts.
    Yoghurt over milk for cereals because you can't take it.
    Being your dietician and drilling you on weekends to help you stay fit.

    If feels weird altogether, not asking how your day went,
    Not listening to you talk about outings with your friends.
    I learnt your past and it taught me how to be your peace.
    But loving you; like all the love I've ever known started hurting me.

    The hurt wasn't the problem, pain is my strongest forte,
    I'll heal a million times and stay as long as you're giving love.
    Somewhere along the line, you stopped and it changed me in ways I didn't want.
    And years have taught me you don't go to war for someone who isn't fighting.
    It's the fastest way to die while living.

    ©soluslupus (Odutola Cecil)