• priyash 35w

    Handling cruelty

    We see alot of cruelty going on in this world and most of all we can do is just quote here, it takes a lot of effort and action to fight for a cause or go against social evils in the society.
    It's not new to the world that an 8 year old child had been kidnapped and gangraped and later lead to death as there have been more cruel cases than this. People always ask how can they do such things and resent. We always have been known about "prevention is better than cure" and we always fail to follow it in our real lives. We pollute ourselves and people around us with materialistic and evil thoughts and we aspire our lives to be fulfilled by accomplishing our selfish and evil desires. We never complain about what effort we put on to curb the evil in the society and later we ourselves shout that what's happening to it. Being eternal vigilant is the key for stopping or atleast curbing the crimes upto an extent.