• iammine 6w

    Grateful to God?

    Thank you so much for making the situations difficult day by day
    Thankyou for making me learn that we should always be fearful of you and your powers
    It's not easy for most people to find what they are passionate about
    But before they could make that effort and try new things
    You have buried down the definition of how what should be done, otherwise you know your magic,
    Boom boom, sadness poverty compromises!
    I don't know why this evolution took place
    The outside is changing so fast
    And the inside, it's full of dumbasses and fears
    If it had not been you,
    I wouldn't have been forced to do my life, how it should be
    I would have used my "useless selfish" mind
    To find out for me
    Maybe I have a problem to control everything around me
    Or, this is how it looks like, classic move!
    Ultimately, it's all about what it's best for me
    But it ends up with, if you don't accept my way
    Then, O Woman, you are going to have the worst life ever
    To the great stories, we hear
    They won't have been great if they were not been
    Penalized the way they were
    Harassed the way they were
    Put to living hell the way they were

    Nobody deserves a better experience
    Coz if it's God's way for you to choose from worst of the present choices and not wait,
    Then, sooner the fright will explode, and
    You will accept a beautiful version of compromising life.