• longlost 5w


    Everyone tell you no one is perfect
    And than they act like they are perfect,

    Even you act like perfect.
    You don't like that dress but your friend suggested it will look good on you, so you wear it.
    You hate to put makeup and it makes you feel fake, but put makeup because without it you feel like you are not looking perfect.
    You know that people fall in love with each others imperfections but than you try to correct all your loved ones imperfections.
    You don't like the group you hang out with but you will hang out with them because you won't look cool without it.
    You don't like social media but you use it, Coz you won't look cool without that.

    Because at the end of day it is what matters isn't it? Looking cool and perfect?

    Maybe you should start change with yourself.
    Maybe go and hang out with people you like.
    Or go in hoodie and baggie clothes which you love.
    Go without makeup you know that makes you look more beautiful anyways.
    Go and do what makes you happy.
    Because at the end of day you are on your own.