• kriti11 5w

    I'm talking destruction. Damn I've destructed myself a lot. I feel incomplete. Full of people yet see nobody. This unbearable pain is not letting me focus. I used to be my own saviour and now I gave up. A part of me is enjoying this cyclonic event that is swallowing me up. This part is making fun of me. In years, I have kept myself gathered now my inner is refusing to heal the wounds. For how long I'm not sure. I'm letting myself sink in deep not wanting to come up. I don't know why I always enjoy absorbing pain rather than getting out of it. I am reluctant to accept the hands of help. All the people I see out there, I try to find a shelter in them. For my home is lost and I'm unable to find the way. I don't even want to try. Was there any home? I always wonder. All my life I have had been a gypsy and now trying to find a home. These days, these are taking me to a dark tunnel and I resist to enter. More than nights, days are taking me towards gloom. A bright sunlight is falling on my face still I'm able to see darkness only. There is so much of contradiction I have created inside me. One day it'll all end when every ounce of me will refuse to help me and I'll be completely lost in this big dark universe.
    Oh no! I don't want you to help me come out of this misery..!!
    16 December, 2019
    12:13 PM #thoughts #poetry #nature #diary #life

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    Self destruction??
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