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    On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day.

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    You don't visit a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy and blame them for their hair loss. Then why do you gossip about the broody guy who always wears long sleeves to hide the slit marks on his wrists or the girl who refuses to wear anything above her knees because the scars on her thighs remind her of the painful past she's trying to let go of? You don't visit a bedridden person with neurological disorders and blame them for being completely dependent on others. Then why do you mock the classmate who always misses his morning lectures due to the heavy medication he's on for chronic depression or the one who can't get up in the morning until someone jolts her out of bed due to the pills she's to gobble every night for extreme mood swings that her psychiatrist can see leading to bipolar disorder? You don't visit a car accident survivor and blame them for the vehicle that was completely crashed. Then why do you scold your son for not being able to crack the medical entrance when he's struggling to survive everyday or shout at your daughter for not topping her boards after having remained the topper of her batch throughout school when the least you can do is support her to regain her deteriorating mental and physical health?

    Just as you can't go and cure someone's dementia by showing them old family photos, you can't cure someone's anxiety by asking them to stop being worried. Just as you can't bring back someone's original breasts after mastectomy by performing a plastic surgery, you can't bring back someone's zeal for life by giving them materialistic pleasure. Mental sicknesses are just as complicated as physical ones, if not more. If you really want to help, all you need to do is not be judgmental and be patient throughout their healing process. A broken back needs bedrest for months, a broken soul may need more. You don't care about how much time they are taking to get back to their original self, you care only about if at all they are able to do so.

    Not to forget, only a certified professional is supposed to diagnose any sickness - be it physical or mental and provide appropriate treatment. Self-diagnosis, in any case, can lead to dangerous outcomes. You can't have discomfort in your chest for a few days and call it heart disease. Similarly, you can't name your sadness depression. You can't call your tidiness OCD. Don't claim to know what you don't have total knowledge of.

    Be kind, and be aware. To yourself, and to others around you.