• power_0909 10w


    The neckline seems better,
    Than any jewelry you wear!
    Can't see anyone else wearing that?
    It's so ecstatic and rare!

    I find myself blinking,
    In an act of disbelief,
    Yet the sight, sieves an extreme relief!
    So much beauty,just in a line,
    Unbelievable but fine!

    As The water that runs inside,
    As The air that passes by,
    The vocal chords that vibrate within,
    All start feeling shy!

    In shame they turn red,
    Against this line of beauty,
    They're all dead!

    All Dead,in stillness of a picture,
    Where the lines rule with the eyes,
    Their brightness Lightens the life,
    And the line shows the path!

    Path, Not to heaven,
    But to the Uncomposed symphonies of BETHOVEN,
    That would have been sure shot hits,
    Unfortunately,time-travel has no permits.

    He can't travel back to earth,
    And Earth won't let you die,
    cuz so Beautiful my friend you are,
    I wish you never die,
    Not as a curse, but as a blessing,
    You just live on and fly,
    Creating the gorgeous devine with you line,
    May your life and you too,Always be on cloud 9.