• __aman__ 23w

    All this time, when the demons were screaming at me,
    I was not listening to them,
    All this time i thought they wanted to harm me,
    So i was trying to run away from them,
    But now when i tried to hear what the were screaming for so long,
    I hear them screaming,
    We will never leave you like everyone else did,
    We are going stay with you till your last breath,
    And no matter how hard you try to push us away we will find a way to come back to you again.
    Maybe demons are not bad,
    Maybe they love us more then anyone else,
    Maybe all this time we were wrong thinking that they want to harm us,
    Maybe they just want to love us and we fool's don't understand them.

    They are not God or angels,
    They are different from all the that,
    They are Demons,
    They have there own world where people like us leave,
    And maybe that's why some of us connects with them,
    Because we share the same pain, same hurt, same brokenness, same loneliness as they do,
    Maybe we are demons to.