• daily_dose 5w

    The Consequence of Passion

    Ever stepped between the cusps of two.
    One practical & safe,
    but not fulfilling.
    The other,
    lovable but uncertain indeed.

    Neither right or wrong,
    fitting differently to the risk you are willing to take.

    For some,
    short and direct is the way to go.

    For others whose motivation runs from emotional stability,
    nothing is worth doing if not produced happily.

    As I am the latter,
    I walked the path of glorious roses,
    hoping for the treasures at the end of the horizon.

    The time then came,
    when age caught up with this simple traveller.

    Despite the steps taken,
    the end is still yet to be found.

    With life chasing after me, i thought,
    "If i proceed with this meander of a road,
    shall i find the treasure?
    If not,
    had i missed my chance to walk the muddy, yet clear path before?"

    Was there a chance ?
    For i have spent my life in vain.