• asleena 5w

    Hungry for your kisses
    My mouth runs dry
    Having tasted your nectar
    It needs no more lies

    Noses touching, eyelashes tickling
    Throat burning with the fire within
    Lean in to kiss me,
    Tracing your finger across my skin

    Lips meet once,
    Before you draw back,
    Pull me into a hug
    Your breath on my neck

    I bite into your shoulder
    Hugging you tight
    Just kiss me and please me
    Like you did last night

    Heart pounds fast
    In the silence of the night
    Silken bedsheet is all I see
    In the rosy red light

    Crash into the bed
    Bodies entangled
    Your swift kiss setting fire
    To my ravenous desires

    Shirt unbuttoned,
    My hands over your chest
    I hear your heartbeat
    Against it I rest

    You play with my buttons,
    Sliding your hand down my shirt
    Your eyes sparkling naughtily
    This is the way you flirt

    I feel your hands in my bra straps
    Your head on my chest
    Playing with my body
    With all your zest

    Gasps and moans
    Fill the night air
    As you caress me
    With all your care

    You pull down my jeans,
    Gliding your hands up my legs
    Under my lingerie
    And for more I beg

    I gasp in response
    To you stimulating me
    Heart rising in euphoria
    Every minute ecstasy

    Bite marks on my neck
    Kisses on my thighs,
    Blood rushing to my face
    To orgasm I rise

    You bend over me,
    In an attempt to undress
    Heat warming me from within
    Result of your caress

    I glide my fingers,
    Over your countours,
    Your lips meet mine
    In hungry fervour

    Sharp taste of your tongue,
    In kisses deep and slow
    Unhooked bra removed,
    As we lie brow to brow

    Your fingers trace my skin
    Flooding my veins with passion
    I grab fistfulls of the sheets
    Moaning to let out the tension

    You pull me close,
    And we lie side by side
    In that minute of euphoria
    I wouldn't care if I'd died

    Inside me you come,
    My flesh welcoming your raw skin
    You clutch me tight as you go,
    Pushing yourself in

    I drown in ecstasy,
    Cheeks flushed with excitement
    A bite on my nipple
    A mark of enticement

    You bite harder,
    And a slow groan escapes me
    Our bodies pulsate together
    In this night of ecstasy