• loneroflife 6w

    All Soul Day

    Yesterday we looked forward and proud to know where we are going. Today we look back, reflect on the life of our loved one and humble to recognize that we are human. We too, depended upon the Mercy of God and prayers of our loved one, so that one day we can live with Christ and in Christ, just like our love one and all the saints.

    This is the beauty of our church. We know that death is not the end, but it is the begin of a new chapter. Death is not a separation, but it is a chance to bring our loved one closer to us. They live on, with us and in us. We see them each day through our memories, pictures that we share, emotion when we think of them and our prayer

    Especially the day like today, as many of our beloved one preparing themselves to be like the saints, we too, pray for them the same way they pray for us, so that we can prepare ourself to be like them and ultimately, be like the saint.