• disruption 10w

    After everything, here I am writing this to you with the same hope I used to have as a little kid in the attic. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're shaking your head while letting out a heavy sigh, wishing I had done things differently, wishing I hadn't took a few certain decisions, or maybe you're thinking that there's nothing to regret, everything turned out just the way it was supposed to be. I can only guess. But if you're looking back into this exact moment where I'm writing this, I hope that you're happy. And if you're not, if things are worse, if you've lost your will to live again, if you're anxious and unable to sleep everyday, I'm writing this to tell you that there's still hope. And even if it gets far more worse than it already is, then too, there's still hope. Things do get worse before they can get better. Hold on.

    Maybe you miss a certain someone who used to be in your life and now isn't. Maybe there are so many people you miss. Maybe you lost more friends. Maybe you have no one. Maybe you're so caught up in your daily schedule that you hardly take out time for yourself to keep the memories of some events shut closed. Maybe you're feeling lost. I'm writing this to tell you that you're not. It just seems like you're lost because the negativity and past events have clouded your mind for a small period of time. But one day soon, those clouds are going to pass and the sun will appear shining again. You'll start sleeping with a smile on your face again. You'll want to wake up and get yourself out of bed with enthusiasm again. And when all this is over, you'll be stronger than you were before. Who am I kidding? You're the only version of me that will be stronger than I am now.

    There's still life ahead of you. That means there will be more moments like these when you'll feel so low. But, there will also be moments when you'll want to fly free like a bird in the sky, swim in the vast blue ocean with no care in the world. You'll want to have the taste of passion mixed with danger once again. You'll feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins on a rollercoaster ride once again. When you'll wake up in the morning, even sad, you'll cherish that
    first cold wind of a winter hit your face and wash your soul with pure bliss. You'll begin to like the sunrises again. As much as it may seem right now that someone's draining the life out of you and you'll die, you won't. Things always do get better again. And whatever bad may happen, you've always been a survivor of the greatest storms. Always remember that. I'm here writing this. It's a proof that I'm alive after everything and there's still life ahead of me. Same is for you. You'll survive, you'll live and even when you're done, there will still be life ahead of you. Never lose hope and everything will turn out just fine.

    With love as great as the cosmos,
    Your little beloved self

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    Letter to my Future Self

    "All you need to do is open your eyes wide
    And you'll find that even in the darkest times,
    There's always a hope, there's always a light."