• theyoungpoet 10w

    One thing I liked about you
    Is you allowed me to analyse our actions
    Although you’d never give me the answer of why you made certain moves
    I wanted meaning and you withheld it from me
    Or maybe you didn’t
    Maybe it didn’t mean a thing to you
    Perhaps you just did what you wanted In the moment
    Because I was there
    Excruciating I will never understand you
    But part of me thinks you never wanted me to
    I really don’t like the way you look at me sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable
    Sometimes I felt like you could see through everything I was trying to hide
    Seeing you was always so intense for me
    For the amount of time we had been friends it wasn’t normal
    Aleast it’s over now

    ©theyoungpoet- poeticflowerx