• maryam_ag 5w

    We all go through so much in life ,but still some of us don't want to discuss it with others. We want to be trapped in our own thoughts and boundaries.. we just want to keep it to ourself. We dont want others to pity on us. We accept that

    We are not happy ,

    Yes, We have dark memories but We are not crying for it. We know how to make ourself more strong. Your pitiful words make us feel like a victim . We don't want to blame others.
    We know,

    We are not happy.

    We don't need your love and liking. We just want to be accepted as we are. We know what have been happened in our past ,was all because of our own choices. We could control it at that time ,but we let it go. It's our fault what happened to us! We ACCEPT it. We do..!
    So, dont pity on us.

    We are not happy,

    But we are not complaining about it...!

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    You don't

    Have any

    Authority to

    Make me feel

    Like a Victim,

    I know I'm

    a Survivor !