• rylie_spivey 23w

    On Detail: Fanfiction.net

    People seem to have a habit of using old tropes to describe characters
    Everyone has read at least one piece of work that describes orbs of either amber emerald or cerulean but hey,
    I used to do that too.
    If the character spoken a foreign language
    They would profess their love in an offkey version provided by google translate but hey,
    I was guilty of that as well
    The hair was usually the neglected piece, simply being described by its length and color, occasionally with the scent of their shampoo.
    I did that.
    We all did that at one point or another and that's okay.
    It's how we learned to write
    By copying the same overused plotline over and over again.
    And then we grew
    We developed our own unique style that reflects who we are
    Now, for instance, his eyes are no longer orbs of an amber hue,
    Instead they looked like that one day in late September when you went to the park and the trees were made of fire.
    Instead of him sounding like he's reading from a poorly translated script,
    His words now bounce back and forth between two languages as he speaks and his voice is like the coffee you drink in the morning
    Bold yet smooth.
    And now his hair becomes more vivid and life like.
    When he stands in a backlight room you can see the strands that escaped the product in his hands yet it's still
    He's still perfect.
    He's alive.