• viveka19994 6w


    It feels safe. Sunlight enveloping me like a warm blanket on a chilly Monday morning.
    The soft music in the room canceling the noises in my head, 
    Colorful prayer flags flapping to the cold breeze, cause i have heard people say innocent prayers carries with it miracles,
    I was her miracle once and I got to experience what that is.

    It feels safe. Walking in the woods that smell as comfort of familiarity,
    In an unknown land where I am the only stranger to me, 
    Like a colorful kite lost in the city and found back in these forests,
    Among trees that crave adventure and birds that seek home,
    I was her home once and I got to experience what that feels like. 

    It feels safe. Roaming in the corridors of what feels like an ancient city,
    Where the Viking spirits roam freely in the island city, entertaining us adults with their mythological stories,
    The bright blue trains enjoying the sun while it's still in the sky,
    while somewhere on the benches of the city, the kid enjoying his summer icecream. 
    I was her summer once and now its winter.