• weirdo_ 5w

    I've got an ANGEL in my life,
    In a world of valentine's, he's my three sixty-five!

    Has always been with me, he knows what I've been through,
    the one who picks me up when I'm all blue.

    Who embraces me when I'm cold,
    When I'm weak, he says "No! You're bold!"

    He knows which song to sing when I drown,
    I may not be a queen but he wears me a crown.

    In my days of autumn when leaves fell down the trees,
    he comes like spring, removes my gloom with his soft breeze.

    He cheers me up when tears roll down my cheek,
    he finds me when I'm lost while playing hide and seek.

    His touch, his presence, it's all so magnificent,
    He loves me when they make me feel unimportant!

    In a world of temporary, he'll leave me never,
    He's all mine, he's my forever!

    And that ANGEL is none other than MY OWN SOUL!




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