• ansheekaaaaaaaa 9w

    Weather and You.

    The weather is so gloomy
    It reminds me of you
    The way you would hold me
    The way you always knew
    The way we bonded
    On the boring party night
    The way you held me
    On the scary movie night
    The way you were always there
    To always hear my tantrums
    To always have time to spare
    The way we spoke for hours
    On the dark winter night
    The way you would say
    I made you feel alright
    The way you used to
    Sleep on my lap
    The way i always tried
    To fill in the gaps
    The way you would
    Never let go of my hand
    The way you promised
    To always be by my side
    But, like all love stories
    Ours was never meant
    To be the ideal one
    And thus came to an end.