• nsoroma 10w

    Intimate conversations

    Jehovah is my mind's keeper
    When breath was almost jerked out of me
    Because of severe anxiety from trouble
    His word came to me
    To lighten out my burden.

    Dear God,
    I want to tell You my truth
    I want to tell You I am imperfect
    I have a pride that makes me not want to need You
    I would rather gasp for breath
    And pull my strength from the earth
    Then tell You I need Your help.
    I'm sorry I undermined the value of You.
    I was with You but mostly just alone
    And I failed You when I wanted to take down ten thousand alone.
    Because I wouldn't want You to take the glory
    I thought I could claim it with the praises sang at the gate.
    I hope that this would be taken in good faith
    So that I can be the version of me I really want to be with You.