• akm_skm 22w

    Lone all the way

    Lonely a rattle surely a battle,
    A battle I swear not easy a win.

    And surely a focus a focus that robust,
    My sheer existence is no sin.

    I live by my ways and see large to little,
    May not speak a lot yet neither am I brittle.

    A story I live by of which I'm the spy,
    A chorus I ain't but a wisdom full saint.

    Places that I discover and people that I meet,
    Differs a person befriended with the one I just greet.

    Seeking along the route I whistle a flute,
    Possesses which a wisdom of memories.

    Throat might be bitter but inside a sweet fruit,
    And face might not glitter nor do I ought to be cute.

    I live by some principles and test my own river,
    The water still ripples hence my soul's still fresh.
    © aashishkumarmakhija