• idanish00 23w

    Going strong.

    So I am not hurrying this time. Just giving myself a little more time before commiting to anything serious. Taking one step at a time. Listening to thoughts and understanding your life right now.
    In all those years I have learnt the more you hurry, the more early you end up getting nothing. It's kind of past experiences that I am reluctant to put myself on a fast forward mode. To be honest, I am enjoying the attention, affection and care. No one actually, at any point of my life showen such warmth. So I am getting a bit selfish now. I want to take it as deep as possible. One cannot enjoy such limelight everyday. So I am not going to let this pass easily and early.
    It is an every day marvel now to palaver from early in the morning to deep in to the Kolh black night. Even the moon and stars get worn out, but we kept going strong. Let me tell you something I haven't mentioned. Already my cheeks turning crimson red. Ok.
    What I love about you?
    Till now you never get annoyed of certain things I carry , of my insane banter, of my habit of kept you waiting, of my questioning about every single thing of the day. I felt like we are talking from ages, known to eachother from decades. I am just loving it. Loving how we hash over every single thing as minisculely as possible?
    How we kept going stronger and stalwart everyday?
    How we are just keep it simple, straight and pious?
    How the talk went on and on and on like a devoir?
    May these cherished moments last forever. Let's see what life brings next day? . Just aspiring to making it brittle, candid and genuine bond that last till eternity.