• ce_lla 17w

    You think dumb
    And it making you numb
    And that is who you've made you
    The dumbest dumb have foresight of the future
    Look at the irony
    You're not making the most of time, life
    And you think life is gonna think you over giving you a chance?
    Where's that will power?
    Is it not probbing you on how you've succumbed to dumbness?
    Fast pushing you to numbness?
    Is your soul free living in a vessel dumb numb?
    Indeed the spirit is willing
    But the flesh is dumb numb
    Make the most of time
    The deposited time
    With every dime
    For it has no balance whatsoever
    Talking of saving
    Time is worth saving
    When the most is been made
    Get this!!!