• snigdha_aggarwal 9w

    Moon Bath

    Moon! oh, Moon!
    Muse I, wave shun shore I croon! I croon!
    Drenched thy beam 'm attune! 'm attune!
    Glooms of lampoon, Dance I bloom boon! Oh boon!
    Draped in Maroon being lagoon! I lagoon!
    This is no fortune! Me immune! Me immune!
    Dunes of festoon flow join me cliff of cheer tune oh tune!
    Swoon I loose being cocoon o cocoon!
    Dark lush buffoon from free me soon! Oh soon!
    Moon! Oh, Moon! Noon thistle crunch shove
    Loom gone shed star shower come sog broom All Gloom! All Gloom!
    ©Snigdha Aggarwal