• kellyhassan 6w

    Nigeria bleeds

    Ah! You soulless demons,
    devils that’s what you all are.
    You are killing innocent people,
    Are you scared of the truth?
    Are you afraid that we are taking a stand?
    Are you afraid that we are coming together and fighting against you ?

    You having been calling us youths lazy yet look it is those lazy youths that you bring an end to you all,
    You are making us bleed,
    You are making us scared,
    You are making us feel unsafe all for what?
    Is it because of your ego?
    You all are sitting down while our blood keeps on staining the flag?
    You all are just a disgrace to the title you’ve been given?
    It is so unfortunate to have people like you in power
    You are heartless,
    You are the devil himself,
    What wrong have we done?
    Is it because we are raising your voices ?
    Is it because we want to end bad governance or what?
    You want a war
    And you are going to get one,
    You oppressors,
    You don’t want to hear the truth,
    Does the truth hurt you that much that you are killing people anyone,
    We need you think for once in your life’s if the killing took place with someone you love??
    Imagine the pain and misery you would fell,
    But no! You can not think like that, you can’t feel the pain of the nation you can only feel your own pains,
    We need you to be considerate
    We need you to have hearts,
    We need all of you to be reform