• bishal_sharma 5w

    We interpret someone we met,
    I just tried new kind of writing,
    Interpretation of someone you know.

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    Who is she?.
    We fight a lot,
    every time we meet,
    we fight, we don't greet.
    She is different, different from every angle,
    she appears beautiful in bindi,
    and appears beautiful in bangle.
    Whatever she does attracts attention,
    she does it with no intention,
    hiding all her pain and emotion,
    she smiles infront of the world,
    hiding all her fears like a deep ocean,
    ocean that absorbs everything in motion.
    It's not that easy to understand her,
    she is truly a poseur.
    I don't know much about this girl,
    eyes that glows bright, short hairs with no curl,
    she can be poison, she can be pearl.
    What's inside her is very difficult to see,
    she cares about nothing, she acts free.
    Yes, you can call her girl with no curl.