• the_lone_saner 36w

    Maa..three words
    Yet deeply loved
    Hides behind the pain
    So that her children can live satisfied
    Her sacrifices unseen
    So the child stands all clean
    Ruining her hands ,cooking son's favorite dish
    When that smile and the slurps help accomplish
    9 months! She goes through a far fetched pain
    For that child to bloom
    A miracle that men too cannot sustain
    A trait never thought of,that we only assume
    She goes through all tough stains remaining mute
    Expecting nothing except the family to bloom as a fruit
    Maa...a real wonder woman she is
    A best friend one can ever get she is
    The ONLY person.. who doesn't let you turn to derbis
    {Happy mother's day}
    -Eshan Gupta , writer's dialects