• vetri_deepika 10w

    To my Dumbo

    Synced through Skype
    Although he's not my type
    Little did I know
    he would become my close friend

    Not too close in the distance
    Not too near in miles
    Yet never too far in my thoughts
    His text would still touch my heart

    I gaze at you upon a distance
    Like looking into a kaleidoscope
    Through the pixels of photo
    Exchanged time and again

    Can't wait to celebrate our retrouvaille
    On an unplanned trip
    Across Blurry paths
    Immersed in solitude

    Those insane conversations,
    Peppy talks,
    Weird expressions,
    Cordial gestures
    There was care, there was affection
    And then there was friendship!

    Drifted by thousands of miles away,
    But I still feel you right next to me
    Everytime that notification pops out from my phone!

    I wish we would stay like this until the end of time, my beardo!