• udit94 5w

    Senseless outpourings

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    I pick up the pieces of some broken parts lying there on the floor of my room.
    The parts which once belonged to me.
    The parts which I just abandoned and detached from me.
    I pick them up join them and give a new shape called WORDS..
    Words that will now be written on pages.
    Now, these words will not just belong to me..
    These words will become a part of everyone who reads them.

    These words which expresses my emotions.
    Expresses when I'm hurt,
    When I'm broken.
    I sometimes read them.
    Read them aloud.
    Mimicking some tale teller.
    Then suddenly while reading them, I remember what made me write them.
    I take a deep sigh.
    Read it one more time.
    But this time, I remember a face...
    A face quite familiar..
    A lot actually...

    Wrote many hilarious lines just to see that face smiling in happiness.
    I am good at writing things which doesn't make much sense...
    "Make it your strength"..
    A suggestion and I worked upon it...
    I never knew these comical lines will become melancholic some day..
    Irony stings very badly...


    I enter my room, isolate myself from the so called 'REAL' world, lie on my bed and neutralising the inner chaos, I plug into a different world and ask this to myself,

    "Tu itna zaroori kaise hua"