• seraphic_pristine 10w

    Lyrics of my pain

    Today again I saw the mirror
    felt my visage a little nearer
    Oh! I wish to see a beautiful skin
    adorning my reed deep within,
    smooth cheekbone embracing my skin
    Ravishing skintone enhancing its being

    Everytime when I close my eyes
    melancholy sadness initiates it's rise
    Agony screams louds deep inside
    Shadows of vistas covers my side

    Yesterday I saw , didn't feel nice
    Bruises on my heart left me with cries
    adoraded my skin , tried out to wipe
    scars away my skin a dready strife

    Monstrous scars all over my face,
    Caliginous eyes so far from grace
    my lips are are black sunken deep
    nose left out as a dries up seed
    black feeble tone colours my reed

    People on my back states oh! Myy my!
    "How ugly she is oh ! Save my eye!
    Wonder", why people are born with such scars ?!
    "Pathetic!" — smoking their cigars.
    You're such an eye sore!
    Hey, just vanish ! There's the door
    Just leave can't bear you anymore"!

    Deep inside how do I feel?,
    stinging words leaves my heart still
    I lay in tears in the bed
    hurt myself and sink my ugly head
    inside my slumber, I've made,
    with woes and pain of years agone,
    My eyes have made this painful song,
    Tears sings it with a gentle flow
    notes gets high and at times low,
    But still the lyrics of the pain
    is still everywhere the same
    tears spells the lines just so right
    feels like it's been,hero of the fight
    Walls of my room hears it evernight
    Humid shadows closes all the light
    Pillows knows my tears too well
    lyrics of the pain and its spell
    I'll sing it once tonight again,
    to add few lines through my pain