• conrad_nn 10w

    Watagwan man?
    Mi feel like you chokin' on that marijuan' man.
    You wan' look so badly like Jamaican
    So you rollin' more than the paper...

    These wannabes make mi feelings go mad.
    Inna da place they be thinking they smart
    They rollin' they smokin' and thinkin' they fly.

    So all mi ladies them be in love with Mary Kay
    Some our brothers no fi do without Mary Jay
    The Marley feeling they high on Zion
    Even if da world thinks that they Babylon.

    Mi no fi judge 'cos I try to copy style fi write this poem
    I know mi parlance lookin' fake but I hope I hope you get the stroms
    Of mi guitar as I try to make you view mi point
    Inna di end mi ended up not proving a point.