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    Here's Part Two, there's more coming! ��

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    Never Have I Ever Pt 2

    REMUS: never have I ever... eaten gross food
    REMUS & LILY & JAMES: *looks at Sirius*
    SIRIUS: *offended* when?
    REMUS: dog food counts *smiles awkward*
    SIRIUS: then... I have *annoyed*
    LILY: *snorts* who's next?
    SIRIUS: never have I ever... kissed my friend
    LILY & JAMES : *stare at Sirius and Remus*
    REMUS & SIRIUS: I have... *hold hands*
    LILY: moving on.... *sighs heavily*
    JAMES: had feelings for the opposite sex?
    JAMES & LILY & REMUS: I have
    SIRIUS: *silent*
    REMUS: *looks at Sirius with a smirk*
    JAMES: he's gay
    LILY & REMUS: Yep
    JAMES: had feelings for James Potter!
    REMUS & SIRIUS: no, sorry!
    LILY: moving on....
    JAMES: Lily! You didn't answer!

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