• mary48 5w

    I treasure our moments and watch it blooming and colourful like a kaleidoscope,
    I would twist and turn the days objects several times Smiling back, blushing a little or a little more
    I look back at the days you would come to visit..
    Where you would reach out and Give me a warm hug , and fill my heart with contentment,
    Tolerating my childish behaviour,
    Listening to my least productive talks ,
    Knocking off my request for street side food ,
    I look at your twinkling eyes and I'm lost in wonder,
    I'm blinded by Happy moments,
    I'm stuck in a sphere or I'm just so much in love
    The Day passes by Joy and laughter outruns time,
    It saddens me when the west calls the sun,
    When you bid that you will be gone
    you wave good bye,
    I would wait to watch you turn back to give a Happy smile,
    Or a little twinkle blink
    I watch as the figures vanish
    And as you fade away into the traffic
    Or into the evening crowd,