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    Hi guys this is a list poem.......tried to be funny...hope you guys like it..... @biddya @wailingmage962 @lifelessons14 @moon_child01 @_ananyajha_indian_

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    List Poem

    1. Wake up & peep into your phone.
    2. After 15 minutes of wasting, sleep again until mom comes scolding you to wake up.
    3. Stare the bed as if you are going to fold the blanket and then leave.
    4. Plug you phone on charging.
    5. Strom over all the social media you use.
    6. Put on a story on Instagram to let people know you are alive.
    7. Now, go to bath, since your mumma is yelling at you past 10 minutes.
    8. Think about all the consequences & scenarios for today, while shitting.
    9. Remember not to close the tap while brushing.
    10. Praise your own beauty staring at mirror, although mirrors don't lie.
    11. Now put the water temperature to equilibrium, not too cold, not too hot.
    12. Don't slip & fall while getting out.
    13. After bathing remember to put on your pants.
    14. Remember to put out all the capsicum put of food, cos you hate them.
    15. Don't forget your mask, your wallet and most importantly your phone that you've put on charging, cos if someone finds your phone, there are chances of world war 3.
    16. Tie up your shoes, as you've learnt in class 3rd.
    17. You aren't suppose to stab people in public.
    18. Put your earphones on, to ignore the crowd.
    19. Pretend to be rich by putting on the Rayban glasses that you brought from sale.
    20. Remember to thank me for all these life saving instructions.