• universe_soul_jay 9w


    I don't know about you, but for me, I have to remind myself of this now and again. Humanism causes us to react in an - I want it, and I want it now a kind of way. But if we slow down enough to look at the big picture we can find peace and a knowing inside of us. I was having one of those days recently, but upon soul searching and praying about it, I found some peace in the situation. That doesn't mean tomorrow won't be a completely different story - but for today - I'm good!

    We all face this in different ways. Maybe it's a relationship that needs repaired? Remember - just because you have the ability to forgive and move past something does not mean the other person is secure enough inside yet for that.

    Maybe it's a situation of intolerance because

    someone is lacking a bit in maturity or intelligence and you'd like to burn them and the bridge they walk in on to the ground?

    It takes a long time to rebuild a bridge and that bridge may be key to leading you to the place you're meant for.

    Maybe it's revenge against someone who hurt you and you know you could bring them completely to their knees if you chose to?

    Revenge never brings good results. Much better to let karma take it's course and realize that typically, people who hurt others intentionally - are very weak inside. Only the strong understand what it is to be gentle and loving.

    Maybe it's a thing?

    Things are never going to make you any better or

    more secure inside.

    Maybe it's a whole multitude of - want most vs want now. Whatever it is for you - if it's not what you want most, not what your soul/spirit truly need to live more than merely exist, it's not worth settling and risking regret.

    People fail people, and if you expect to be in any type of relationship situation and not have problems raise their ugly head - well, you're not desiring a relationship, no matter what type it is. You're desiring something perfect. And that doesn't exist!