• david_egnoy 97w

    Drops of Joy

    What if the blue sky
    Lost it's colour,
    What if the night
    Lost it's darkness,
    We may still breathe
    We may still grow from it
    And our hearts, though fragile,
    Would still continue to love

    But, what if we forget Love,
    What if joy runs out,
    The world we know
    Would never be the same,
    Smiles would just be
    A long forgotten piece of history,
    And the true meaning of life
    Would just be a forgotten mystery.

    The doors to love and freedom
    Should never be closed,
    The bright candle of Hope
    Should never be blown out,
    And the volume of happiness
    Should never be turned down.
    But instead, We should grow,
    Grow by Loving one another.